Japanese Alps Trek

In the autumn (fall) we offer a Japanese Alps trek.

The trek runs along the spine of the northern alps to mount Yarigatake , known as the Matterhorn of Japan.

We then head to fujiyoshida to climb Mount Fuji.

Folowing an almost continous crest for 6 days staying in high mountain lodges. Occasionaly enjoying a wild hotspring, touching 3000m above sea level walking on terrain unlike anwhere else in the world.

Mount Fuji is scaled in a day, but we give ourselves two for a better chance for the weather.

The trip runs in autumn to avoid the heat and humidity of the Japanese summer and to enjoy the mountains in tranquility, avoiding the crowds.

Our next trip is planned for autumn 2022.

Group size is 4-10

Here is video of our 2019 trip, starting form Morodo